Thunder Announces New Jerseys.

The Oklahoma City Thunder have released the jerseys that they will wear throughout the 2019-2020 season and there has been a couple of changes to current jerseys but also completely new ones.

The Association and the Icon jerseys will remain in the lineup. However, there has been a small change to both jerseys where they have flipped the text so on the Association jersey, it says “Oklahoma City” instead of “Thunder” and vice versa. The popular statement jersey has been replaced color wise so instead of the dark blue jersey, they now have an orange jersey with blue text. Then we have the city jersey that looks completely different from last years. Nike and the Thunder have worked together on a memorial jersey to honor the victims of the Oklahoma City bombings. It’s a black and gold jersey with a lot of details. In the left corner on the jersey, it has the words: Service, Honor and Kindness and on the shorts, it has the time of the incident. A very nice way to honor the victims from one of the worst tragedies in American history.

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