Thunder Trade Russell Westbrook to Houston

That’s it. The end of an era. After about a decade of competitive basketball, the Oklahoma City Thunder will start their rebuild. However, this won’t be a normal rebuild where teams have to be bad for years to come.

Thanks to Paul George, the Thunder have a lot of draft picks that will help the Thunder a lot in the future. Paul clearly didn’t want to be in OKC any longer and instead of having a potential Anthony Davis situation, Sam Presti decided to make the best out of the situation and got 4 unprotected first round picks, one lottery protected pick and two pick swaps.

This became the start of a complete teardown.

The Thunder then traded Jerami Grant to the Nuggets for a top 10 protected first round pick and a couple of days ago, we found out that Russell Westbrook had been traded to the Houston Rockets for Chris Paul, two top 4 protected first round picks and two pick swaps.

Now the Thunder have two ways to go. A team with Chris Paul, Terrance Ferguson, Andre Roberson, Danilo Gallinari and Steven Adams as the starting 5 could fight for the 8th seed, or they could trade Chris Paul for a package of James Johnson, and Goran Dragic and then eventually flip those players at the trade deadline for potentially even more picks which seems like the most likely outcome.

(There will be another article about the Thunder’s future in a few days and therefore I didn’t write a lot about it in this article)

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